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Tell us the requirements for the assignment set by your University. We only need to know basic information such as the word count, deadline date and details of any specific criteria
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Writer Allocation

Based on your disclosed requirements, we will instruct the best suited academic writer. We guarantee that your assigned writer will have achieved a UK degree in the your subject at the grade that you have requested
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Your model answer will be returned to you prior to your specified deadline. The document will be a proxy to show you how you need to answer the assignment question to achieve the grade that you requested


Model Answers Explained


A model answer is an essay that answers the question set by your University. The model answer will address all of the criteria needed to obtain the grade that you need

The higher the grade that you select - the better the quality of work and analysis within your model answer. Our model answers are designed to show you exactly how to answer your assignment or dissertation question

Each document that we return to you is guaranteed to be plagiarism free, written by a writer who has graduated from a UK University with the grade that you have requested when completing our order form

Your model answer will be fully referenced in Harvard referencing style to UK university standards. Other referencing styles are available upon request

Upon receipt of your model answer, you are afforded seven-days to request any changes you feel are due per your original instructions when completing our order form

Please note: our model answers are for research and reference purposes only and are not intended for you to submit as your own work

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Temporary Promotion

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Prices Explained


Our Prices Depend On:

1Deadline Proximity
As it can be difficult to source a writer that can complete a high quality model answer at very short notice - a small premium is charged for requests that have a three day turnaround or less
2Word Count

The price of your model answer will increase with the length of your word count. Longer model answers take longer to complete which is why they command higher fees

3Grade requested

The price of your model answer will increase with the standard of work requested

This is because higher grade requests can only be completed by writers who achieved that grade on their degree. The most gifted academic writers command a higher remuneration which is reflected in our prices

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