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Business Books

Our Books for students list kicks off with a selection of business books that detail the stories of successful businesses. Most of our book list comprises of the accounts of start-up companies that managed to develop into giant public listed companies on the stock markets. Browse our list to see which books better suit the demands of your business modules – if you recommend a book that you found useful in your University studies then contact us so that we can consider adding it to our list

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Are you a business student? We have a list of dissertation topics that you can browse that will give you inspiration for when you begin working on your own dissertation

We have an inventory of Business dissertation topic ideas that can help nudge you in the right direction. We update our dissertation ideas pages regularly so don’t forget to come back and visit us for more ideas when you are ready to make a start on your business dissertation

Business Dissertation Ideas

Economics Books

The next subject to feature on Books for Students is for budding economists. We have selected some very high quality reading material to help you develop through your degree. In the UK, Economics is a popular subject for visiting international and indigenous students and so that extra piece of knowledge may be the deciding factor to you securing a place on a graduate programme

Are you a Economics student? We have one of the biggest lists of unique economics dissertation topics on the internet

We frequently update our inventory of Economics dissertation topic ideas to ensure that our page is the best on Google. If you are due to complete a dissertation soon -you will benefit from visiting our Economics dissertation topic inventory

Economics Dissertation Ideas

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Medical Science Books

One of the most popular subjects in our Books for Students guide is for budding Clinicians. There are endless books written on the subject but what are the best ‘under the radar’ gems? We have consulted with many of our writers and are proud to share the books below for your kind perusal

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Are you a Student paramedic? We are privileged to have worked with experienced Paramedics from London Ambulance Service who has helped construct a list of paramedic dissertation topics

If you are studying to become a Paramedic or Nurse, then there are some excellent ideas to get you started in our Paramedic dissertation topic inventory

Paramedic Science Dissertation Ideas

Risk Management Books

Our Books for Students guide looks to showcase some of the best unrecognised Risk books in this section. Risk encompasses a wide scope ranging from financial risk, business continuity and insurance. Our Books for Students guide will feature entries from each of the main topics in the Risk genre

Deciding on a topic to base your Risk dissertation can be difficult despite the amount of material available. Like our other featured subjects, we have several MSc Risk writers who have helped construct an inventory of Risk related dissertation topics to help you

Our Risk Books for Students guide will help increase your knowledge of the field of Risk. Come back to visit us when you are ready to begin your Risk dissertation as we regularly update our inventory of Risk dissertation topic ideas to help students

Risk Management Dissertation Ideas

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