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Business Books

Our Books for students list kicks off with a selection of business books that detail the stories of successful businesses. Most of our book list comprises of the accounts of start-up companies that managed to develop into giant public listed companies on the stock markets. Browse our list to see which books better suit the demands of your business modules – if you recommend a book that you found useful in your University studies then contact us so that we can consider adding it to our list

The story of a British start-up company that survived a world war and two major recessions to become one of the largest and best known bakeries in the UK

The story is told by Ian Gregg who’s father founded the company. Moreover, profits made from the sale of each book will be donated to the Greggs Foundation to help supply breakfast clubs for children

An account written by one of the first easyJet employees. The book will be of interest to business students who can learn lessons in how this statt-up company became a FTSE 100 company

Definitely a book to judge by its cover given that the book is as the name suggests: an insight into the Snapchat story.

An intriguing account of how Snapchat was founded and developed as one of the new technology companies of today. Highly recommended to University business students who are passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and start-up growth. A worthy read from the books for students list

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This book is pick of the bunch as it details the remarkable story of how an English teacher founded a company that went on to become the second largest internet company in the world

The story explains how Alibaba was founded, how the founder out maneuvered rival companies and answers the ‘million-dollar question’: what next for Alibaba?

This book is one of the gems of the books for students list and is a must for business students who wish to have a successful career in technology based enterprises

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A great pick for business students with the story of the rise of Iceland retail chain. The book is more focused on Iceland’s history more than an autobiography which will likely appeal more to business students

The book is packed with lessons learned along Iceland’s spectacular boom, bust and boom (again!). As far as stories of successful startups goes, this is top of the pile

The story of one of Britain’s best business success stories. Tesco originated as a market stall in Hackney and became of the of biggest brand names spanning as far as Thailand

This book tells the success story of how Tesco succeeded when others failed. The book is accounts of Tesco employees who give first hand accounts of the Supermarket’s rise which will be of interest to business students

The original story of how an online book retailer changed eCommerce for good. A great read for business university students who are interested in online business growth, strategy and marketing

Regarded as the best book written in explaining the Uber story. The book is packed full of information that is not considered to be conventional knowledge

The allure that this book has for university business students is how Uber fell into a position where it was growing quicker than it was ready for

A must read for students who have a keen interest in technology and modern business

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Are you a business student? We have a list of dissertation topics that you can browse that will give you inspiration for when you begin working on your own dissertation

We have an inventory of Business dissertation topic ideas that can help nudge you in the right direction. We update our dissertation ideas pages regularly so don’t forget to come back and visit us for more ideas when you are ready to make a start on your business dissertation

Business Dissertation Ideas

Economics Books

The next subject to feature on Books for Students is for budding economists. We have selected some very high quality reading material to help you develop through your degree. In the UK, Economics is a popular subject for visiting international and indigenous students and so that extra piece of knowledge may be the deciding factor to you securing a place on a graduate programme

Are you a Economics student? We have one of the biggest lists of unique economics dissertation topics on the internet

We frequently update our inventory of Economics dissertation topic ideas to ensure that our page is the best on Google. If you are due to complete a dissertation soon -you will benefit from visiting our Economics dissertation topic inventory

Economics Dissertation Ideas

The Books for Students Economics list starts with a classic that economic historians truly appreciate. An easy to follow book which is a much easier read than other classics such as “The Wealth of Nations” or “The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money”

Some economist would suggest that this book is very relevant for our time given the rise of China and gradual decline of the West. The book is, therefore, a very important one for students who wish to specialise in macroeconomics and equally as important for students studying economics and politics

Probably the best, yet underrated book authored by Nassim Taleb. The book drills home several points and spends much of the book reinforcing the same issues, however, the points that are made are very cleaver, relevant and curiously disregarded by the investment community

This book is perfect for mathematical economists, however, those not concerned by mathematics will enjoy the book for what it is. This is one of those books that should come with a highlighter pen as there are so many facts that you will want to revisit as time comes to pass

Venezuela is a fascinating case for economists as the countries has world class oil deposits yet has endured hyperinflation and severe economic contraction for years

Crude Nation gives an excellent “eyes on the ground” account of what led to the economic crisis in oil rich Venezuela. This book is great for economics students who have read the conventional economics books and want to focus on more specific knowledge

Reverse Innovation is a book that could go into the economics and the business section of our Books for Students list. The authors concentrate heavily on emerging markets and the potential benefits of doing business there
There are lessons to be learned from the case studies and the students who wish to work for large multinational companies stand to gain the most from reading this underrated gem

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A firm favourite with investors and economists as the topics within this book are seldom mentioned in the conventional books that are found on retail book store shelves

The book combines economic theory, empirical observation and investment risk management into a book that is directed at private investors but is equally as important to economics students given the breadth of topics covered

This book, by The Economist, is a good basis for those who have a little knowledge on the commodity markets and wish to learn more about the market in general and more specific information on the metals, fuels and grains

The book goes into a moderate amount of detail that is enough to give the reader a taste of the subject but fails to elaborate enough which leaves the reader wishing there was more detail at the end of each chapter

An excellent account of the 2008 financial crisis. It is an easy read but some who are not familiar with some of the finance terms may get lost from time to time through the chapters

The book goes into significant detail and tells the story in a humorous way. If you would like a blunt explanation of what caused the financial crisis then you should strongly consider this book

Most economics degrees feature environmental economics and so the Books for Students economics section could not be complete without a book that falls within the realms of the environment

Farmageddon is a book that was written to show the impact of a growing population and what this means for livestock. It is an insight into the poor conditions that animals in the meat industry endure

There are aspects of the book that are relevant to economics students but the overall approach is one to raise awareness of problems rather than to apply economic theory

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Medical Science Books

One of the most popular subjects in our Books for Students guide is for budding Clinicians. There are endless books written on the subject but what are the best ‘under the radar’ gems? We have consulted with many of our writers and are proud to share the books below for your kind perusal

A medical book by Hopcroft, K. and Forte, V. The book is designed as a tool to assist in diagnosing minor ailments. It has a title such as ‘Sudden loss of vision’ and lists common causes, occasional causes and rare causes

The text then suggests possible investigations to reach a firmer diagnosis. It rounds off each section with top tips that will benefit the clinician who is faced with a patient with the symptoms described

This Book for Students recommendation is better described as a reference tool rather than a book that you would sit down to read

As the title suggests, this entry is a series of cards rather than a conventional book. The cards feature detailed diagrams with labels of different tissue and organs

You are able to separate the cards so that they can be carried around with you which is invaluable for exam revision. The cards are based on the textbook “Atlas of Human Anatomy” by Frank Netter.

Some students may prefer the textbook (which is mainly labelled diagrams of different parts of the body). However, the cards are just as detailed and have the advantage of being better suited for revision purposes

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This is one of the better medical books that is similar to a text book but also a good read too. It features good descriptions of medical illness – explaining what they are in a way that trainee clinicians will understand

Where the book really excels is the case studies which detail studies on a patients and talks through the non-typical nature of their presentation. Each case study explains a diagnosis and how the patient was treated

These are very accounts to learn from and is a reason as to why this entry features on our Books for Students list

Edited by Morris, F. Brady, W. & Camm, J. This features in our Book for Students as pick of the bunch for ECG textbooks. The book is quite advanced and is probably not suitable unless the student has prior knowledge of ECG interpretation

As paramedics need to be autonomous at ECG interpretation – this book is an excellent choice for those already familiar with ECGs. The usual suspects feature: ST segment changes, Broad Complex Tachycardia and mention of rarer conditions such as Torsades de pointes and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

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Are you a Student paramedic? We are privileged to have worked with experienced Paramedics from London Ambulance Service who has helped construct a list of paramedic dissertation topics

If you are studying to become a Paramedic or Nurse, then there are some excellent ideas to get you started in our Paramedic dissertation topic inventory

Paramedic Science Dissertation Ideas

Risk Management Books

Our Books for Students guide looks to showcase some of the best unrecognised Risk books in this section. Risk encompasses a wide scope ranging from financial risk, business continuity and insurance. Our Books for Students guide will feature entries from each of the main topics in the Risk genre

Deciding on a topic to base your Risk dissertation can be difficult despite the amount of material available. Like our other featured subjects, we have several MSc Risk writers who have helped construct an inventory of Risk related dissertation topics to help you

Our Risk Books for Students guide will help increase your knowledge of the field of Risk. Come back to visit us when you are ready to begin your Risk dissertation as we regularly update our inventory of Risk dissertation topic ideas to help students

Risk Management Dissertation Ideas

An old but relevant book for business continuity managers. The book addresses theory for businesses that are currently experiencing a crisis. The book speaks of several old case studies and analyses what could have been done better

What is good about this book is that it has ample advice and best practice explanations for managing a crisis and has a very interesting section on how to perform damage limitation in the media

Most economics degrees feature environmental economics and so the Books for Students economics section could not be complete without a book that falls within the realms of the environment

Farmageddon is a book that was written to show the impact of a growing population and what this means for livestock. It is an insight into the poor conditions that animals in the meat industry endure

There are aspects of the book that are relevant to economics students but the overall approach is one to raise awareness of problems rather than to apply economic theory

Do not be fooled by the dull appearance of the cover – this is an excellent book. The book is suitable for risk students up to Master’s level. Some of the most interesting points made is human’s flaws in the decision making.process. There are several good examples of paradoxes which show our weakness in making balanced decisions

The author does an excellent job of integrating mathematics into their analysis but without becoming too technical. There is a chapter dedicated to improving risk management which is satisfactory. the missed opportunity here is that the recommendations are very general rather than being more definitive – a good read nonetheless

A classic and one of the most important macro risk books written. The author does an excellent job of covering a wide range of risks including foreign exchange risk, commodity price risk debt risk and contagion risk

Even if you read this book just for the case studies it will be worthwhile for the reader. The topics focus on different countries ranging from the US, China and the ‘Fragile Five’. This is another entry in Books for Students that should come equipped with a market pen to highlight all of the vital facts that you will benefit from

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The book, by Woods (2011), is several case studies of large multinational companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Tesco. It analyses the main risks faced by each organisation and provides a technical overview of their development within their respective sectors

The book covers the application of risk theory in real situations which is very useful. An example being catergosiation of the risks faced by RBS

Another entry in our Books for Students guide by Nassim Taleb. The full title is ‘The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable’. the book is important as it explains a specific type of risk, that is, low probability but high impact risks. Taleb coined these risks as “Black Swans” and begins his book explaining the rationale behind the name

With Taleb’s books, there are some information gems but you have to wade through the ramble to get to the parts that you want to learn. He deviates a lot but most of his stories are interesting. The impressive thing about the author is his unique style of writing and how he gets his points across to the reader. A very interesting read for the student risk practitioner

An emerging book that is standing its ground against other well established classics in the risk genre. With the power of social media it is ever important for entrepreneurs ans businesses

The book’s contents feature lessons learned from instances such as Seaworld which experienced severe reputational damage when an amateur video went via that highlighted the unethical practices Seaworld used. The aftermath resulted in their share price crashing and multinational enterprises pulling sponsorship arrangements

This book is an excellent example of modern day risk management and should be read by budding risk practitioners hence its entry in our Books for Students list

A book by Thoyts (2010) which will not go down as the most interesting read but it is full of vital information about the insurance markets. Unlike other entries in our Books for Students guide, this is not a book you would read for pleasure but more for necessity

It features in our guide due to the depth of information that it has on a scope of insurance related studies such as reinsurance, contracts and underwriting practices

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