Professional Editing & Improvement Vouchers

Upon receipt of the student’s essay, we will:

✔ Edit grammar and sentence structure

✔ Improve word usage where appropriate

✔ Omit sentences to adhere to word count restraints

✔ Format all references and in-text citations

✔ Proofread to ensure the essay is error free

✔ Restructure paragraphs

When the student is ready to use their voucher they will need to contact us directly via our website. All that we need from them is the word document containing their essay and the voucher code displayed on the voucher card

We will then begin work on the essay and notify the student when it is complete. The document will have “tracked changes” which show all changes made by the editor

We always send a guide to the student explaining how to incorporate the tracked changes into their work

There is no time limit on when the voucher must be redeemed. We understand that students often save their vouchers for the essays that carry the most weighting on their module scores

Given that undergraduate degree programmes are three year courses, we figured it best to ensure that voucher codes are not set to expire

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Our Editing & Improvement service is conducted by a select group of academic writers that hold a Master’s degree

We constantly monitor the performance of our proofreaders so that we can reward the very best standard writers with extra commissions

If you misplace your voucher it is not an issue. It is surprising how many students lose them! We always keep track of the voucher codes sent and will have the corresponding student’s name on the database

Therefore, we will be able to confirm that they are a voucher holder by the student’s name

Unfortunately, we do not offer multi-buy discounts at present. The reason being that we pride ourselves with offering the very best service whilst catering for the tightest budgets

Employing the best editors in the UK with Master’s degrees comes at a price which prevents us from dropping our prices any further

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Purchase a Voucher

Purchase a voucher from us directly below. We will post to your Paypal registered address – please allow 2-3 business days to receive your physical voucher card

Redeem the Voucher

Redeem the voucher by contacting us via our website. The student will need to forward their essay to us and quote the code on the voucher card

Editor is Assigned

We will commission the best suited professional editor to peruse the essay. They will improve the essay and use ‘tracked changes’ so the student can see what was changed

Review Tracked Changes

We send the document to the student who will then review all changes made to the document. We always enclose a document explaining how to use tracked changes

Purchase a voucher today for £29.99

This will cover all essays up to and including 1,500 words