Clueless With Numbers? Don't Stress!

If the thought of analysing hundreds of lines of data gives you palpitations – we can help! We specialise in all aspects of dissertations and know exactly what universities expect from the manipulation and inference of raw data

The dissertation is a student’s last chance of achieving the grade that they need and the quality of the statistical analysis carries significant weight on the overall dissertation score. If you are not acquainted with advanced analytical techniques then you will benefit from our package

Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say ~William W. Watt

William W. Watt

The Process

To capitalise on our statistical analysis package you will need to make a purchase at the checkout. Thereafter, please advise us on the exact requirements for your dissertation

Please upload any instructions and raw data files that you may have so that we can relay them to your appointed statistician

How Qualified Are Your Statisticians?

The professionals that are commissioned on our statistical analysis requests have studied statistics at degree level. Most even teach statistics at degree level! We only recruit candidates that are able to achieve a score of 80% or more on our Statistics Entrance Examination Paper

Dissertation Statistical Analysis Package

Our Dissertation Statistical Analysis package is tailored to encompass all avenues of statistical analysis associated with dissertation papers. The techniques employed by our statisticians allow for linear models that can predict how a change in the independent variable will alter the dependent variable

Furthermore, the models can be tested to ensure that they are as simplistic and effective as possible. This will alert the analyst to any variables in the model that are conflicting with one another

Analysis of variance and t-testing is also featured in the package which permits the analyst to determine if variance between samples of data is statistically significant or attributed to randomness

If your dissertation requires the testing of a null hypothesis or construction of a model to predict a variable – this package is for you