Wise Owl Research Copyright Principles

Wise Owl Research publishes a substantial proportion of user-uploaded and user-generated written content with the aim of helping students to complete their coursework through example.

These principles are designed to foster an online environment that promotes the promises and benefits of Wise Owl Research services and protects the rights of copyright owners.

The following represent the goals of these principles:

  1. the elimination of infringing content on Wise Owl Research and any related service;
  2. the encouragement of uploads of wholly original and authorised user-generated written content;
  3. the accommodation of fair use of copyrighted content on Wise Owl Research; and
  4. the protection of legitimate interests of user privacy.

Copyright principles

1. Wise Owl Research will include in relevant and conspicuous places information that promotes respect for intellectual property rights and discourages users from uploading infringing content.

2. During the upload process, Wise Owl Research will prominently inform users that they may not upload infringing content and that, by uploading content, they affirm that such uploading complies with Wise Owl Research terms of use.

3. The terms of use for Wise Owl Research will prohibit infringing uploads.

4. Wise Owl Research shall, from time to time, use content identification technology with the aim of identifying and eliminating from their services infringing user-uploaded written content.

5. Wise Owl Research will monitor a contact email address for copyright owners claiming infringement to make a complaint. This email address is enquiries[at]Wise Owl Research. When sending a notice of infringement, copyright owners are requested to provide the URL identifying online locations where content that is the subject of notices of infringement is found

6. Upon receipt of a notice of infringement that contains sufficient detail for Wise Owl Research to confirm that infringement has indeed taken place, Wise Owl Research will:

  • respond to the notice within 7 days of receipt of the notice;
  • remove the infringing content within 14 days of receipt of the notice;
  • take reasonable steps to notify the person who uploaded the content, and
  • inform the person making the notice of infringement when the content has been removed.

7. Wise Owl Research will use reasonable efforts to track infringing uploads of copyrighted content by the same user and when we become aware of a user who is repeatedly infringing the copyright of others, we will promptly terminate their account.

8. Wise Owl Research will provide information to help copyright owners take appropriate action against copyright infringers, so far as we are permitted to do so under the Data Protection Act.

Wise Owl Research request that if it can be shown that these principles have been adhered to in good faith, the copyright owner will not assert a claim of copyright infringement against Wise Owl Research with respect to infringing user-uploaded content that might remain on the Wise Owl Research website despite such adherence to these principles. A cooperative attitude will help us to create content-rich, valuable and infringement-free service