So you want to become a Wise Owl Mathematician?

The Process

The application process is single tiered. We have compiled a range of Mathematical questions which can be downloaded below. To become a Wise Owl Mathematician candidates must pass this examination paper

The paper can be downloaded at will and completed at leisure, however, the pass mark is set 80% only candidates that satisfy these conditions will allowed to be sanctioned on our client’s requests.



Upon competition of the examination paper, you can upload your answers using the form situated below. We recommend scanning hand written answers to ensure complete clarity of your methodology and solutions

For candidates that have studied Statistics in conjunction with mathematics – you are at liberty to complete both papers. Successful candidates will then be commissioned on Mathematical and Statistical requests.

Assessment Paper Downloads

Submit Your Application

  • Max. file size: 2 GB.

What Happens Next?

Our in-house Mathematician will review your paper and advise on the outcome. Written feedback will be sent to the email address supplied when submitting your paper

Successful candidates will receive a welcome pack for their kind perusal. They will then be added to our register of mathematicians and will be able to accept proposals from our clients

We wish you the best of luck!