Study Tips

Our Study Tips section is designed to maximise the amount of support that we can offer for students during their studies. We have several pages that will each offer something different to you irrespective of how far into your studies you are. At Wise Owl Research, we do our upmost to ensure that you receive all of the support that you need when tackling the most demanding aspects of your degree. Our selection below will duly give you that extra edge in overcoming the challenges that await you to enable you to have a successful career post graduating

Books For Students

Interested in seeing which books our post graduate academic writers have recommended for students in their area of expertise? Visit our Books For Students guide for some reading gems to further your knowledge whilst studying

Graduate Job Tips

If your studies are coming to an end and you are starting to look ahead to the labour market – you should read our Graduate Job Tips to see some non-conventional strategies to help you secure that dream start to your career

Referencing Guide

Referencing can be very difficult if you are not familiar with it. Even then it can be troublesome when non-typical references are needed. Our Referencing Guide will break each citation down in Harvard style for you

Unusual Word Guide

Ever think your assignment needs a little class to get those higher grades? We have an Unusual Words for Assignments Guide that will show you some unconventional words to improve your assignment grades