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Geology Dissertation Idea(1)

Why does CO2-rich mineral waters present peculiar properties when compared with different types of mineral waters? A Portuguese Case Study

Previous researchers have analysed the CO2-rich mineral waters within the Vilarelho da Raia–Pedras Salgadas region of North Portugal. The conclusions find that differences can be observed in the geochemical and isotopic signatures of cold (17 °C) and hot (up to 76 °C) CO2-rich mineral waters in the region

Specific properties in the region are seen through the higher total dissolved solids found in the colder Vidago and Pedras Salgadas springs compared to the hotter Chaves springs. Empirical studies conclude that for mineral water springs without CO2, TDS and temperature exhibit a positive correlation due to the increased water-rock interaction at higher temperatures

This Geology dissertation idea will need to integrate the construction of a hydrogeological conceptual model of CO2-rich mineral water systems. Three types of systems: Type 1, dominated by granites, Type 2, dominated by sedimentary rocks, and Type 3, dominated by metasedimentary and metamorphic rocks, should be outlined based upon the geology and geochemical characteristics that the water obtains from recharge to discharge

This conceptual model can be used as a base to help define a hydrogeological system, which can then prove to be an important tool for future hydrogeological studies

Recommended Sources

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Geology Dissertation Idea(2)

Examining effects of contact metamorphism on the geology of the Suisnish Peninsula by the use of analysis of Ordovian Carbonates

The Suisnish Peninsula is situated on the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland. The area has a complex geological sedimentary. There was significant volcanic activity during the Tertiary which included the intrusion of the Dubhaich and Beinn granite

This geology dissertation idea will focus examining the complexity of the geological structure of the area. Field mapping will be required for a detailed study of the area in which the types of rocks are documented as well as the geological history of the area. A review of the metamorphic events and how they are relating to the volcanic activity in the area should prove to be one of the focal points for the geology dissertation

During the study, any new structural observations or new rock types will be relevant. Upon completion of the fieldwork, a geological map, vertical section and cross sections should be sketched

Recommended Sources

Harker, A. 1904. The Tertiary igneous rocks of Skye. Memoirs of the Geological Survey, Great Britain

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Geology Dissertation Idea(3)

The Geology of Mineralni bani, Haskovo, Bulgaria

Mineralni bani is a village in Bulgaria, neat the town of Haskovo in the eastern side of the Rhodope Mountains. The continent-continent collision between the Eurasian and the Apulian plates during the Upper Eocene started the volcanism in the area

This geology dissertation idea is a Geological Mapping project with the objective of studying some of the by-products of this volcanism. The hydrogeology of the area should be summarised, and the dissertation should feature discussion on the likely causes that led to the formation of some of the mineral specimens that would be found by the mapping. Finally, the Geology dissertation idea will conclude with analysis of the geology history of the area

A report should feature the stratigraphy of the rocks in the area. You should focus on the relationships between the rocks, their approximate thickness, composition and age. Identifying some of the geological structuring including faulting, folding and columnar joining based on structural features will help construct theories for the formation os lava domes that are situated in the area

Recommended Sources

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