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Politics Dissertation Idea(1)

Transnational Identity and Foreign Policy: Tribal Identity and the Gulf Crisis

This Politics dissertation idea will discuss the role that tribal identity plays in the ongoing Gulf Crisis as a foreign policy tool. On 5 June 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain cut off relations with Qatar based on terrorism-related allegations

During this crisis, the ‘UAE-3’ have resorted to many methods to affect Doha’s position and introduced a list of 13 conditions that Qatar should meet to bring the crisis to an end. Such a strategy by the Saudi-led alliance resulted in banning flights from and to Qatar, expelling Qatari citizens, stopping food exports, waging a social media-based war, among others

Using tribal identity is also another tool that has been used during the crisis for the purpose of affecting Qatari government. When looking at tribes in the Arabian Peninsula, it is a complex concept that is parallel to the national identity that Gulf countries try to build. As a result, it is not possible to deny the effect that tribes have in the region. Moreover, tribal identity not only includes a group of people with the same surname; it also includes many others features, such as loyalty and allegiance. Therefore, tribes can be a threat to the national security and sovereignty of Gulf states if it is used to mobilise people and unite them based on tribal identity

This politics dissertation idea will address a number of issues concerning both the Gulf region and tribal identity. Firstly, the dissertation should discuss the meaning of tribe in the Gulf region and what such a concept entails, as it is not only a system of identification: it also represents a transnational ideology that can undermine sovereign boundaries

The dissertation will examine the current status of research of tribes and tribalism, including local and regional perceptions of tribalism and to what extent tribal identity differs from other identities, such as ethnic or religious

Some argued that the tribes are no longer a power in the current modern sovereign states in the Gulf due to the process of modernisation; others still point out Gulf states are still stuck in the middle of state and tribe, which can be called ‘tribal state’. The dissertation thus shed light on the formation of Gulf states to understand the centrality and essentiality of tribes as a source of legitimacy and the relation between state and tribes

Politics Dissertation Idea(2)

A Critique of ‘Financialization’ - Accounts of the 2008 Economic Crisis

A politics dissertation topic that will appeal to PPE students. The 2008 crisis is considered to have stemmed from the US sub-prime mortgage sector, however, does evidence support this? We conjecture that there is sufficient evidence to contest this hypothesis which serves a basis for this politics dissertation topic idea

Krippner defines ‘financialization’ as ‘a broad-based transformation in which financial activities (rather than services generally)… become increasingly dominant within an economy’

Mian & Sufi intimate that falling consumption was driving the recession in late 2008, rather than businesses divestment. Furthermore, the data provides evidence to suggest that business investment curtailment in Q3 and Q4 were caused by the spending decline – rather than by the liquidity crisis

This politics dissertation proposal should contend that financialization theorists have exaggerated the role of the financial sector in the 2008 crisis. In doing so, they have incorrectly excluded the role of non-financial businesses in causing the crisis

The focus of your arguement should be that one cannot explain the crisis without referencing the stagnation of non-financial business profitability. For instance, in regards to the US, residential investment contracted in every quarter from Q2 2006 until Q2 2009 while appliance store sales and furniture purchases fell in 2007. In the first eight months of 2008 motor vehicle sales fell by 9%, furniture sales by 8% and home-improvement expenditures by 5% compared to the same period in the previous year

Recommended Sources:

Brenner, Robert (2006), The Economics of Global Turbulence: The Advanced Capitalist Economies from the Long Boom to the Long Downturn

Clarke, Simon (1993), Marx’s Theory of Crisis

Krippner, Greta R. (2012), Capitalizing on Crisis: The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance

Stockhammer, Englebert (2012), ‘Financialization, Income Distribution and the Crisis’, Investigactión Económica, vol. LXXI, no.279

Marx, Karl & Friedrich Engels (2015), The Communist Manifesto, Marxists Internet Archive. Available HERE

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Politics Dissertation Idea(3)

Does Maternity Policies in the UK, in practice, enable and empower women to make informed choices during pregnancy and childbirth?

This politics dissertation topic idea focuses on a topic that is related to social policy and will focus on how women in the UK perceive their options during pregnancy and childbirth. Obtaining their views on their ante natal care, decision-making regarding birth site (home or hospital), pain relief, induction and the impact this had on their overall experience

Your questionnaire will need to assess whether women believe that they are sufficiently advised on enough information to make informed decisions. We recommend that dissertation topic idea be developed by reviewing historic policies that have led to current legislation. Examples include The Changing Childbirth Report (1993), Maternity Matters (2007) and Better Births (2016). Your analysis should focus on how policy has evolved and what recommendations where set out in the publications

You will need to find individuals who are willing to participate in a recorded interview and posting in local parental groups will likely find enough participants. Preferably mothers that have given birth at least six months previously should be sampled. Ethical considerations should be made clear and disclaimers always used for each of your participants. Do not let the number of participating mothers discourage you from this politics dissertation idea as similar papers that we have helped students with previously has shown a snowball effect where willing participants will know others that are interested in participating

Policy development relating to childbirth has evolved significantly since the second world war with the most noticeable change being the introduction of the NHS. The subject has allured many academic scholars to research which has gained momentum from feminist groups who claim that childbirth has become over-medicalised, suffering from the patriarchal society which has led to obstruction of choice. This politics dissertation topic idea should make testing this hypothesis as one of the main objectives of your paper